Tanishq Abraham, an 11 year-old boy with a Superb High IQ Graduates College with 3 Degrees

youngestgraduatethumb2305 Tanishq Abraham, an 11 year old boy with a Superb High IQ Graduates College with 3 Degrees (photo: www.thebetterindia.com) Tanishq Abraham, an 11 year old Sacramento boy just graduated from American River College in California with three college degrees! Degrees include Math and Physical Sciences, General Science and Foreign Language studies, just after being enrolled in college for a year! He was homeschooled by his mom while taking classes at American River College since he was 7 years old and passed California’s early-exit high school exam last year. Tanishq was one of the youngest ever to graduate high school in the United States as reported by ABC News. “I could read books that were meant for second and third graders, I was also able to do math like second and third graders,” Tanishq said. “I actually like to learn, I guess it just comes more naturally to me than to others.” Recently, Tanishq was planning of going to Stanford and become a doctor or a medical researcher. He says that all of those are just “baby steps” towards his big dreams, which is to win a Nobel Prize and become President of the United States! With that brain, there is no doubt that he could achieve anything if he wanted to! (Credits: Youtube.com)