“Tagay” Session Video of These Children Angers Netizens!

Children should be guided and supervised by their parents to enhance and develop their skills. They should spend time reading books and studying their lessons. But these children seemed to be doing everything in a very inappropriate way. This video was uploaded in the YouTube channel of Manila Trends in which children were seated in a circle position and drinking in an adult way. Furious netizens started posting their negative comments, criticizing the children involved in the video as soon as this had been posted online. The drinking session is like the customary one with a shot glass containing local vodka called “The Bar” together with the chaser and the pulutan! It was made even more exciting with the loud music playing. This was like a complete package and what’s alarming here is the fact that the one recording the video is an adult. They were actually, surrounded by adults! It was a clear that what they did was wrong. It’s not the drink that was suited for children like them. Watch the video below: (Credits: Youtube.com)