Pyramid on Mars Discovered by NASA. Could it be Possible?

Perfect shaped pyramid was found on the red planet! It was captured by the Mars rover, Curiosity which was sent by NASA to Mars for further investigation of the planet. pyra1 Pyramid on Mars Discovered by NASA. Could it be Possible? The photo shows a pyramid about the size of a car. Conclusion was made. Something bigger was still buried deep down the surface of the planet. Pyramids are used as a marker stone, something that guide travellers in deserted islands. How the pyramid was built and who built it on Mars was still unknown! It further opened up theories about having other intelligent aliens that have lived in a civilization. According to the Paranormal Crucible, the perfect shape of the pyramid is a result of an intelligent design and it is certainly not a result of shadow and light tricks. It was something real. The pyramid found on Mars is one of the topics that will gain arguments. It will be one of the evidence that extraterrestrial beings do exist. Although it was not proven yet, there is a high possibility that there are other living-creatures are in this universe. Do you believe? (Credits: