Ordinary Date Turns Out to Be Something Special! WATCH the video

Flash mob proposal, one of the most popular and overwhelming marriage proposal that are commonly used these days. Dancers, nice music and the mob. You will be truly entertained seeing something like those! And it’s quite romantic too, seeing so much effort for it to happen. This was just an ordinary date. The couple was just spending time with each other at JR Osaka Station Carillon Square when three men made a scene that caught their attention. And as these men were frozen, a woman suddenly entered and started dancing to the beat of the music entitled “Louder” by Charice Pempengco. It just turned out to be a cool flash mob! One guy suddenly approached a girl as if he was going to propose to her. Everyone started cheering and making noises because of the scene. Little they did know that it was just part of the scheme. The girl was also part of the mob! Then a guy who was having an ordinary date with his girl from the very beginning suddenly stood up and started dancing with the mob! His girlfriend was shocked by the turn of events. As a finale, the dancers gathered around the red carpet and waited for him to ask his girlfriend at the end of the carpet. The guy walks towards her with a bouquet of flowers! She can’t help herself not to cry with the happiness that was drawn on her face. The guy then knelt down and asked her to marry him! She said yes! Everybody started cheering again and this time, it’s for real! Watch the romantic video: (Credits: Youtube.com)