‘OLDEST’ Woman in the Philippines Celebrated Her 18th Birthday

Progeria is a rare disease that causes the physical aspect of a human being to age early. One of the few people suffering from this genetic disorder is a woman named Ana Rochelle Pondare. fsfsafsfs ‘OLDEST’ Woman in the Philippines Celebrated Her 18th Birthday (Image Source: gettyimages) Rochelle is now tagged as the oldest person suffering from Progeria. Recently, she turned 18 and celebrated her debut. She became popular when she debuted on air for ABS CBN’s “Kapamilya Thank You” campaign. And as a gift, she was visited by her ultimate idol, Sarah Geronimo. Pondare is just out of the 45 children within 23 countries who are suffering from the rare fatal condition. She was 5 years old when her parents saw the symptoms of Progeria on her. She was already suffering from hair loss and wrinkled skin. But having this condition never hinder Rochelle from living the life she wanted. She is now the oldest living Progeria victim at the age of 18. It was considered a bog blessing for her family that she had been able to live that far. Based on the research that was made by the Progeria Research Foundation in US, child is more likely to pass away from atherosclerosis at the age of 14 years old. Let us show respect and continue praying for Rochelle Pondare’s strength and good health. She already accepted the fact that she will not be living for long. “Handa na po. Para po sa akin, kung hanggang saan, doon na lang. Wala na pong magagawa,” she stated. Watch Rochelle celebrated her 18th birthday with her loved ones below: