Amazing “Maybe This Time” Cover by Mikee Cate Will Surely Impress You

This video might be considered as one of the most inspiring and amazing video you’ll ever watch. This was a video of a girl with such an amazing talent. Her video had gone viral, garnered more than a hundred thousand views! Mikee Cate was just an ordinary girl with an incredible voice! Although she has a cleft lip and palate, she still managed to sing with all her heart. She was now even considered as the newest singing sensation! Singing the hit song “Maybe This Time” while playing the guitar seemed to be easy for her! She still managed to sing the song perfectly despite the fact that she has a cleft lip and sounded like a professional! Most of the netizens were praising her talent, shown on their comments! Some even think that she was lip synching because it sounded perfectly. This video just proved that deformities will never be a hindrance to reach your dreams! Watch her video below: (Credits: