Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Interview Video Replay

Manny Pacquiao showed up wearing red pacquiao jacket in an interview at Jimmy Kimmel Live and as expected fans goes wild. He’s been on that seat for the fifth time now and according to Jimmy Kimmel every time he had his interview with Manny Pacquiao the latter always win the fight. The interview was all about Pacquiao – Marquez III upcoming fight this November 13,2011 pacific time. This probably the final battle between the two fighters and the speculations that Marquez beat pacquiao twice will finally come to an end. Some part of the interview was about mayweather – pacquiao match up where Jim had a suggestion that who ever wins the fight all the money will be given to the winner. The two minute interview ended with a duet of Bee Gees popular hit “How deep is your love.” Watch the Whole 2 minute interview replay on Jimmy Kimmel Live below:

* Manny Pacquiao on Jimmy Kimmel Interview replay from JKL youtube channel

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