Watch: ‘Tadhana’ cover by Filipino Group Nairud sa Wabad captures netizens heart!

People are said to be very dependent to music whenever they feel sad, happy, broken and even in love. Music tends to calm a feeling of someone who are listening to a couple of songs and noticing a one that almost captures the same feelings of what they carry.

hjhkjlkjlkl Watch: ‘Tadhana’ cover by Filipino Group Nairud sa Wabad captures netizens heart!

Recently, a cover of the Up Dharma Down’s famous song “Tadhana” had been going viral around Facebook. The cover is done by the band Nairud sa Wabad, a five – man band from Mindanao. And what makes them different from other band is they come up with a one of the best covers of Tadhana we’ve ever heard. The song revolves into something that captures the senses of any listener and get hooked listening to it over and over again.

As soon as the video reached the netizens, they started posting comments and opinion about how great these guys are, which is true! They are also some requesting that if they can perform to one occasion and to another. And also the big break for the whole band.

The group is composed of five members namely Andrian “Ojie” Cubillas and Sandino “Tatot” Libres on lead guitar and vocals, Earl Gioielli Laga-ac on keyboards, Nestor “Estong” Caballes Jr. on Bass and Fidel “Pidol” Vargas on drums and cajon. The groups usually perform at Reggae Grill-Davao and do some other gigs at the nearest restobar too.

The group also performs other variety of songs such as Reggae songs that sounds relaxing and entertaining to every senses of person who listen on it. You can check those songs at Youtube under the channel named “Gian Enrique”.

We were so much in awe with the talent these guys have! Things like this definitely make us proud to be Pinoy! What did you guys think of their performance? Share your thoughts with us.

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