Watch Shocking news! An Ebola victim rose from the dead | Video

People are in a panic about the outbreak and most hospitals are already occupied with no rooms to accommodate patients that were victims of the current tragedy that has struck Liberia. At this state, collecting dead bodies is much easier than providing accommodations for patients who need immediate treatment. Monrovia, Liberia — The news team of ABC’s Good Morning America was shocked as the hand of the man moved, seemingly came back from the dead as the burial team was collecting the body of the deceased who suffered from Ebola. The news team was only supposed to cover the outbreak in West Africa when they stumbled upon this dead man on the streets. Angry locals were gathering around the body as they were asking for help for days when the man was still alive but no one did. No help came when the man was still alive but the authorities were quick in collecting the dead body. “We couldn’t get him help when he was alive,” a community leader told the GMA crew. “They only come when you die.” The man was put in the ambulance but the crew and the crowd were not sure where the ambulance would take the man since there are no spaces left in all the hospitals.
Recent reports and footages from Liberia, along with this one that claims Ebola victims coming back from the dead suggests that there may be a bit of truth and possibility to these zombies stories that we just seen on movies.

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