Watch: Naked baristas serving coffee on a creative way! Amazing!

Coffee early in the morning is a habit of every one of us. If not everybody, many people look forward to the morning coffee that will keep their day going. Everyone crave for that roasting smell and that warm feeling of sipping a cup of coffee. But what do they expect when they enter a coffee shop? Take a look at the exampled one below.

Watch: Naked baristas serving coffee on a creative way! Amazing!

This café in New York goes viral online when they teamed up with Nestle Corp, to promote their ‘all-natural’ creamer— together with their ‘all-natural’ features! The food and beverage company enlisted the help of au natural models wearing only body paint to help advertise its Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss creamer to coffee-loving customers. During the said stunt, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters on Irving Place in the Lower East Side was turned into the Natural Bliss Café and most, although not all, of the customers who came in took notice.

naked barista serving coffee

Many coffee lovers come to that specific shop almost every day, with their favorite baristas serving the coffee they almost always order every single day. But what would you do if you see your favorite barista completely naked (with body paint of course) while serving your favorite coffee? Will you be able to order without being distracted?

naked barista serving coffee in a creative way

Even though it is only a stunt, many people who came into the shop during the event just smiled and didn’t say anything, but when one customer finally asked what was going on, a barista explained the situation.  She said that we are the all-natural café and it is our creamier. The said event took one-minute, 33-second video film and was posted on YouTube and it has been viewed more than two million times.

naked barista with body paint

The chief creative officer at 360i, the agency behind the ad, noticed a difference between tourists and neighborhood residents, according to Ad Week.  Pierre Lipton said that The New Yorkers were more shocked that the coffee was free than by the naked people making it. They casually took in that the people were naked and then found out their drink was complimentary, and they were amaze of the said event the coffee shop had.

The Coffee-Mate creamers are made of milk, cream, sugar, salt and natural flavors, but contain no preservatives at all.

So what are your thoughts on this one, do you found it amazing or just another endorsement of a product.

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