Watch: Crazy scientist made something that wakes you up even if you don’t want!

Every one of us is having a hard time waking up in the morning. This phenomenon affects most of students who wake up early for their classes. As a result, it is a common scenario to see a late student in the class. But this scientist made the ultimate alarm clock that no one can stop you from waking up!

Meet Colin Furze, a former plumber and one of the experts in Sky 1 show Gadget Geeks invented a High Voltage Ejector Bed.

He invented the said bed by means of asking people to give him ideas for inventions in his videos and lots of people came with the ejector bed idea. “Taylors of Harrogate approached me to make a video and I suggested the idea as it was something I wanted to create myself,” he added.

wake up machine

Colin has been asked by his fans for a new invention. Some of them asked him if he can create a new way to be woken up. And so Colin made the High Voltage Ejector Bed which is the ultimate solution he can offer for those who are having a hard time waking up.

He started to work on his new project that his fans asked about. He made the frame of the bed using strong aluminum. Colin attached an air compressor to two pipes with solenoid valves on the end. All of that was assembled safely under the bed he used and he also created two large pistons, which were used to life the bed into the air at different speed.

High Voltage Ejector Bed

Colin got to work the bed from scratch in his garage before testing it out in front of a bouncy castle for safety purposes. And before he video it in his room, he also uploaded a video wherein he showed how he created the . As a result, the bed he created will literally eject a person from their comfy bed when their morning alarm goes off.

‘’I was a little anxious as to whether it would be powerful enough, but if you put it on full power it would pummel you against the wall and kill you,” he said after the whole test.  Colin is now popular online for creating bizarre inventions in his garage and them uploading them in his YouTube channel. His other popular inventions are “Toaster Knife,” “Freezer Wave,” or “Jet Engine BBQ”.

So what can you say about Colin? He is an amazing and a talented one among those at his field. More inventions ideas from you Colin.

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