Watch: Cab Driver sell snacks and sweets as an additional income for his family

Criminals today always use poverty as the main reason for their evil acts. Even able-bodied men choose the easier life of stealing things from others, instead of working hard on their own. They choose to do crimes and become dirty with their own hands than to earn in right way.

Being poor does not justify these acts—knowing you can do something else for your own betterment and for the survival of your family. One of the best examples is this taxi driver, who chooses to work harder instead of taking advantage of passengers.

Taxi driver sells snacks 1 Watch: Cab Driver sell snacks and sweets as an additional income for his family

This taxi driver from Cebu makes ends meet by selling snacks and sweets inside his cab. Composed of biscuits and candies that are seen on the video, the driver thinks that it will add as an extra income for him and his family. While some of the trips can be far and long, some passengers may feel hungry and this idea hit the lines. Instead of taking advantage of the passengers, like most taxi drivers now are, he sells these products so he can earn that extra money while working.

User Fred Aries Dimaro shares his experience on Facebook expressing his astonishment as to how Mister Adones Mejasco, the driver, earns extra money through honest ways. He amazes of how this driver got the idea of selling some snacks on his taxi.

The situations above are also seen on other parts of the country. Many people sell things at their workplace for extra income. Every time, there is always that one person who sells home-made brownies at work, or those one co-worker selling beauty products. Bottom line is these people are not satisfied with their salaries, or it is just too small to satisfy their needs and adding some additional source is a good idea for them.

So what can you say about our own Filipino citizens, they might be underpaid but they create some alternative solutions for it. Kudos to them for being creative at their own living.


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