Watch: A kiddo wants to smoke cigars. When he approached a man for a light – the man decides to stop smoking!

Cigarettes nowadays had been part of our lives. Old, middle aged and even youths get hooked on it. There are so many brands comes at the market. Every other month new brands are released.

Nowadays, there are many substitutes for cigarettes; yet there are still millions of people who continue to smoke despite many warnings online and on TV. Not only do these smokers endanger themselves, but the people around them who can suffer sicknesses brought about by second-hand smoke.

Watch: A kiddo wants to smoke cigars. When he approached a man for a light - the man decides to stop smoking!

Casual smokers cannot see the danger it may bring as of now, and often ignore warnings given to them mostly by their loved ones. Contradict to heavy smokers who claim that smoking ‘calms their nerves’ but actually smoking eases their addiction to cigarette-smoking. According to the World Health Organization, a person dies every 6.5 seconds from tobacco use.

Smoking is dangerous

Psoriasis, Cataracts, Cancer, Emphysema, and Osteoporosis are just some of the diseases we can get from smoking. Second hand smoke is even more dangerous, and the first victims are children who are suffering from these diseases because family members smoke. When will smokers realize the dangers they bring not only to their selves but also around them?

A short video below shows how adults tend to be the ones causing younger ones to smoke as well. When children see their parents or sometimes other people smoking, it is more likely that they will do the same at a very early age.

The video below shows some children test these adult smokers by pretending to smoke and asking for a light. All of the adult men refused to lend their lighters and matchboxes, even adding a few words of advice that they should not smoke at very young age. Most of them explained that it is bad for the children’s health, and it is even illegal for them to smoke at their age. The children listen intently, but gave a small piece of paper before leaving. And that piece of paper definitely changes their lives.

So what do you think of this issue of smoking. Do we need those children to show us that we as an adult should be the one who serves as their model of what we do? Share your thoughts with us now.

  Source: Video Source: Images: Screenshots from Youtube video

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