Unbelievable: A Nose with a Growing Tooth Inside!

As a human, we have five senses that we commonly used in everyday life that we have. Examples of those senses are the nose which is used for sense of smell and the mouth which is used for sense of taste. Each one has their own task but take a look at the case of this man’s where he suffers from nosebleed and something unbelievable is seen by the doctors on him.

According to a reports, a 22-year-old Saudi Arabian man experienced frequent nosebleed happening from once to twice a month. The man became curious what was really happening to him and decided to see a doctor.

growing tooth on the nose

What they found is something very strange – a tooth growing inside his nose. Doctors found a white bony mass measuring half an inch (1cm) long growing in his nasal cavity. Having an extra teeth are actually pretty common but studies says that between 0.15 percent and 3.9 percent of people have more teeth that usual, but having it on our nose is not a place where it should grow.

tooth from the nose

After the doctor’s reports, they consulted with a dentist, who concluded that the mass was actually an extra tooth that had somehow ended up growing in his nose. According to Dr. Hellstein, the tooth is not that unusual but the place where it grew was extremely rare, and that kind of condition is called hyperdontia.

white bony mass

He also said that in order to remove the tooth from his nose, they must place him under general anesthesia. The doctor performed the operation and the guy goes with the whole process to remove the said tooth. And the good news after the operation is that it went successful.

Three months later, the 22-year-old Saudi Arabian’s nose had healed and his nosebleed had already stopped.

So what can you say about what happened to the Arabian guy, is it a coincidence or just a accident? Share your thought with us.

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