Syrian man selling pens on the streets while carrying his daughter will definitely melt your hearts!

Poverty sometimes is a major problem of most people but it doesn’t mean that we stop them from raising their children to the point where they wanted it to be. Being a parent, they wouldn’t let anything bad happen to their kids. Take a look at this man that touched the hearts of so many people after his photo went viral online.

The man named Abdul Haleem al-Kader was a Palestinian-Syrian refugee, and he chooses to sell pens in order to provide goods for his two children. The childrens are Reem 9-year-old and Abdelillah 4-year-old. Kader was seeing selling pens on the streets of Beirut while carrying his sleeping 4-year-old daughter on his shoulder.

man selling pens

When a man named Gissur Simonarson, founder of Conflict News, posted the photos on the internet on Tuesday, lot of people was appealing to help the man. They made an online fundraising and have already raised more than $5,000 (£3,200) in just 30 minutes. And in 16 hours, they have reached $45,000 (£29,200).

And after his photos went viral, internet managed to track him down. According to him, he first left Syria four years ago with his wife and his two children, moving to live in Egypt. But Kader’s wife insisted that they return to Syria but Kader refused to return forcing his wife to leave him and their children.

syrian man selling pens

He said that he had nothing to do in Syria anymore, since the chocolate factory that he used to work in before is already closed. His friends told him to try his luck at Lebanon and though he was looking to work in a chocolate factory, none were hiring. Left without a job, he has no other options but to sell stuff in the streets in order to feed his children.

Kader formerly lived in Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp near the Syrian capital of Damascus that has played host to nearly 150,000 refugees since it was established in 1957. But earlier this year, the camp was under attack yet again, this time from ISIS. And because Kader couldn’t find a work, he tried to sell pens for them to survive.


Gissur decided to create a Twitter account named #BuyPens and just a minute of starting his search he was contacted by someone who said to saw Kader everyday around his house. He wrote that it is a long story but they are able to found Kader and secure those amounts of money that they raise for him and his children. He also thanked those people who support and come together to make a difference to another person’s life.

The said campaign collected $117,000 (£75,000) within 24 hours according to the page, and the current total stands at $80,000 (£51,000). But according to Kaber, he said he wants to use it to help fellow Syrian’s facing the same struggle. He also wants to send his children to school at the same time.

What can you say about this man? Is he worth to be idolized by other parents out there? Share your thought with us.

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