SLEX: Netizens Warns Motorist To Always Count Their Change Before Leaving The Tollgate Counter

The South Luzon Expressway (SLE or SLEx), formerly known as the South Superhighway (SSH) and Manila South Expressway (MSEX), is a network of two expressways that connects Metro Manila to the provinces of the CALABARZON region in the Philippines. An issue circulating the web surfaces on this expressway regarding the insufficient change among the passers of the said expressway.

SLEX: Netizens Warns Motorist To Always Count Their Change Before Leaving The Tollgate Counter

One of those passers who experience this is celebrity and netizen  Andrew Wolff  who shared on Facebook about what he had experience at the SLEX that comes with a warning to all motorists to always check their change upon exit to the tollgate.

SLEX Issue

He explained that they use SLEX a lot since they live in the south so they decided to purchase a preloaded E-Pass for convenience. But there were times when they run out of credit and need to pay cash. We know so much how long a queue can get from paying manually in a toll gate, and worse, as Wolff posted, 50% of the transactions with toll gate cashiers “result in an underpayment of change“. The change are pre-prepared based on the bill amounts, probably to avoid the hassle of counting the change and double the number of cars waiting in the queue, but what Wolff noticed was that a lot of times the change they receive is insufficient.  The amount being said which in Wolff’s case was P1.00 and P100.00 in other instances, are allegedly intentional, knowing motorists are usually in a hurry and would not even mind counting the change.

Count your change before leaving the counter

Underpayment issue

Wolff also warned everyone to count their change before leaving the toll gate counter. This is probably the best way to keep these thieves in the toll gate from robbing us of our money.  Imagine how many motorists pass by these Highways every day.  Let’s say it is a small amount but earning cash nowadays is a hard one.

What can you say about this issue? Does the government need to give some attention on this one? Share your thoughts on us by your comments below.



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