RR Garcia or Terrence Romeo, Who’s Vice Ganda’s Bf ?

Vice Ganda – RR Garcia Relationship Bared; But Who is Terrence Romeo in Vice Ganda’s Lovelife?

FEU Tamaraws cager Ryan Roose “RR” Garcia Vice Ganda’s boyfriend? This rumor has been spreading non-stop since time immemorial.

Gandang Gabi Vice,a picture (though covered) of Garcia was featured, adding spice to the show and to the curiosity of the viewers. And yes, it even trended on Twitter, blogs, and other social networking sites.

But is he really the Vice Ganda boyfriend? And who is Terrence Romeo – another FEU Tamaraws player – that is also being associated in Vice Ganda’s lovelife?

Vice Ganda admitted that he considers Far Eastern University (FEU) basketball players RR Garcia and Terrence Romeo important to him.

FEU cagers Terrence Romeo and RR Garcia and TV host Vice Ganda

In a live interview with “The Buzz” , the comedian clarified that Garcia and Romeo are his close friends.

“Mahalaga po [sila]. Natatawa ako — ang lakas makababae ng mga ganitong klaseng tanong. Kasi sila RR Garcia po at si Terrence, mga manlalaro. Sobrang malalapit po sa puso ko, mga kaibigan ko po talaga,” he said.

Rumors continue to persist that Vice Ganda is romantically involved with Garcia. Vice Ganda is also being linked to Romeo.

Vice Ganda, who is an alumus of FEU, often watches the school’s basketball and volleyball games in the UAAP.

The “It’s Showtime” host also said he believes that someone out there will love him for who he is. That’s why he remains hopeful because, he said, every person deserves to be loved.

“Kapag naniniwala ka sa pag-ibig at sa kapangyarihan ng pag-ibig, hindi ka mawawalan ng pag-asa na darating ang taong magmamahal sa iyo. Hindi ka mawawalan ng pag-asa na ikaw, bilang isang tao, ay karapatdapat ding mahalin,” he said.

Vice Ganda said knowing that someone loves him is his reassurance of his life’s worth.

“Naniniwala ako na kung walang magmamahal sa akin, ano pang halaga ng buhay ko? Marami akong katangian na kamahal-mahal. Marami rin naman akong katangian na kasuklam-suklam – katulad ng lahat. Pero mas naniniwala ako na may taong makakakita ng espsyal sa akin at mamahalin ako,” he said.

Asked if Garcia and Romeo find something special in him, he said: “Dahil magkakaibigan po kami, siguro naman may nakikita silang espesyal sa akin. Kung hindi, hindi naman nila ako kakaibiganin.”

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