Plastic bags for clothes – and nothing else under or over it as Asian Fashion!

Do you spend so much time thinking on what to wear when going out on dates? Do you think on what to wear during some parties or other events you have? Well, some people especially women even have a hard time dressing themselves even when at home! Worry not now, as a new ‘trend’ in Asia makes dressing up a piece of cake – or maybe not.

plastic clothes

Pictures of women and also men wearing nothing but plastic bags have circulating on the internet and has taken the world by storm. Yes, we are literally referring to those plastic bags that you use when going grocery shopping, or occasionally dropping by your favorite 7-eleven stores.

wear plastic

This phenomenon is not new to us. We’ve seen before some several celebrities do the unthinkable and wear items that aren’t supposed to be worn as clothes. Lady Gaga and RHCP’s Flea are both examples of these celebrities who choose to be ‘unique’ with how the way they dress. But hey, let’s face it – they only wear those clothes when attending award ceremonies and concerts of their life!


But today, as we see, many Asian men and women are following this trend, using the plastic bags as their everyday clothes. Several ‘selfies’ has surfaced on the internet, showing how women would dress ‘sexy’ on those 7-eleven plastic bags. We cannot control any more our own selves on how we are going to behave when it came to fashion.

plastic bag clothes

So what can you say about this trending idea? Do we have to be resourceful even with our own clothing? Do we have to shed out those skins for fashion that is trendy? Share your thoughts with us. Do comments your opinions below.


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