Perfect for Halloween: “Double Vision Look”, unique and mind-blowing!

It’s been a ‘Ber’ month and a few months from now Halloween is just around the corner. Preparations on it are incoming and everyone seems excited. From children down to the grown-ups making their costumes for late-night parties and to look something unusual during the said event. There are lots of ideas popping out of each head but there is something we like to share with you.

With Halloween fast approaching likes a lightning, have you already thought of your costume-to-be? Of course, everybody wants to be unique. The vampire, skeleton, and zombie look has been overused these past years, and we need something fresh and trippy— and we got this makeup tutorial for you! Check this one out for you to try out there.

The video tell that what it seems to be a visual problem at first turns out to be something quite mind-boggling—literally! The artist starts off with drawing 2 eyebrows just beneath her eyes, which resemble her own. Eyes were drawn second under those ‘fake’ brows and were followed by a pair of lips, and a small nose in between her own. The results are amazing and look unique for the upcoming Halloween this November.

The said tutorials are for those people who intend to do a whole unique ‘look’ on Halloween. Hopefully not many people will do this on a party—I might not be sure if what I’m seeing is real or just makeup!

So what can you say about this one? Does it give you fresh ideas for the upcoming Halloween party at your home? Share your thoughts with us now.



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