Man Passes Out While Riding On A Reverse Bungee. Watch the hilarious VIRAL VIDEO Here.

Would you dare try to jump or be thrown from a tall structure while your body is tied by an elastic cord? If you’re brave enough to conquer your fear of heights then you could try this new way of bungee jumping. Reverse bungee, a new style of bungee jumping where you and your two companions are seated in a three person passenger car that looks like a metal sphere. This extreme adventure ride can reach a height of 60 meters in the air with a speed of speed of up to 200 kilometers per hour, according to G-MAX’s official website . This video was uploaded by Uloy Dimaporo on Facebook, he and two of his friends tried the new, gripping ride in Boracay called G-Max Reverse Bungy. Video description says: “our friend Isis XB is the first man to pass out on #boracay #Gmax reverse bungy. #rofl #laughpamore.” Watch the video below to see what makes his friend passed out:
His friend, the man in the middle as a record was the first person to pass out while riding the G-Max in Boracay. After the ride ends, the man’s consciousness was regained by the help of his two friends. Does the ride that mind-blowing enough?

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