Love Starbucks? Woman found something disgusting in her Starbucks coffee

Who loves Starbucks coffee or a Starbucks latte? Taking a cup of it wake our senses and makes us relax. But, what if you found something unusual on your favorite Starbuck’s coffee such as this one? Would you dare to have another cup again?

Kim Dillon and her husband Brian were spending their time together at the Starbuck’s coffee shop’s branch at Fry’s Marketplace at 67th Avenue and Happy Valley Road, Phoenix. They bought their beverages and then sat down. Later on, Kim was suspicious that something was off about her sugar-free latte and then she felt something in her mouth. She decided to check it out and to her shock –she saw the tiny, legless lizard.

Love Starbucks? Woman found something disgusting in her Starbucks coffee

“I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I was almost going to swallow it. It was just so gross knowing it was in my mouth.” said Kim.

lizard in a starbucks coffee

Kim and her husband immediately put the tiny lizard into a bag and took it back to the coffee shop.

Being disgusted and disturbed, she immediately reported it to the management who listened intently to her unusual concern and were very apologetic about what happened. The branches officer offered her some gift certificates in exchange of the terrible experience but she wouldn’t accept any of it.

There are also some reports that the said marketplace had released a statement saying that they are looking into a pest control company after cleaning the whole place. Just in case that it is not Starbucks’ fault.

Starbucks also released a statement that it’s “disturbed to learn about this” and plan on “looking into this immediately.” They said it would investigate the incident and offered her restitution about the said incident.

Because of Kim and her husband’s unforgettable experience in Starbucks, it encouraged them to switch to a much healthier drinks. Now, she and her husband switches into drinking tea.

The said incident is not the first time that happened in some famous restaurants. Just this year, a report of a fried rat in KFC was gone viral in the whole social sites. Other one is a rubber gloved turned out to be the special filling in a woman’s Krispy Kreme doughnut.

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