LeBron James Just Pledged $42M To Send 1100 Kids To College

Some people might not like him but basketball superstar LeBron James is a kind and generous guy outside the basketball court.

Recently, James has decided to pledge $42 million in order to send 1,100 kids in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, Cleveland. James and the University of Akron have recently signed a memorandum of agreement for the full college scholarships of those students under the I Promise program, which “challenges middle school students to attend classes and graduate with the help of scholarship.”

“This is very special to me. As a kid growing up in the inner city and as an African-American kid, you don’t really think past high school because it’s not possible or your family can’t support you,” James told ESPN. This is the reason why he pledged to send all the 1100 kids under his foundation to college, provided they meet the requirements, of course.

LeBron James Just Pledged $42M To Send 1100 Kids To College

LeBron wants to make sure also that the kids will really make college their goal and will work hard for it; thus, all the kids under his foundation’s “I Promise” program need to meet a set of requirements such as going to school regularly.

The said students are currently in grades 3-7, so the first class will graduate high school in 2021. James also said he decided to sponsor the education of some students since he knew many African-American kids have a hard time studying in college after high school.

Sources said a year’s tuition at the University of Akron is currently about $9,500, which totals to almost a $42 million pledge for all 1100 students, provided they meet the program’s requirements.

University of Akron President Scott Scarborough also announced that they are renaming the University of Akron’s teaching college as The LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education as part of the partnership program.

Hopefully more superstar athletes will follow the lead of James in helping some children get free college education in the future.

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