GSIS Emergency Loan: Application Requirements, Qualifications

GSIS Emergency Loan: Application Requirements, Qualifications

GSIS Emergency Loan: Application Requirements, Qualifications

Government Service Insurance System or GSIS Emergency Loan will be another source of funds for flood-stricken government employees in areas declared under ‘state of calamity’.

Who are qualified to apply for GSIS Emergency Loan?

The applicant must be:

  • a bona fide employee of the government office within the declared calamity area. The area must be declared in a state of calamity by its Sangguniang Panlalawigan/Panglungsod.
  • be in active service and not on leave of absence without pay
  • has no pending criminal or administrative charges
  • has no arrearages or unpaid debt in the payment of mandatory social insurance contributions
  • has no loan that has been declared in default

Further, the agency of the member-applicant must not be suspended due to non-payment and non-remittance of premiums and loans.

How to apply for the GSIS Emergency Loan?

You can use your eCard Plus on any GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System (G-W@PS) kiosk installed in all GSIS servicing offices and in select government offices in different parts of the country.

To apply follow these steps:

  1. Place your eCard Plus on the card reader of the kiosk.
  2. Place any of your pre-selected fingers on the fingerprint biometric scanner of the kiosk.
  3. Using the touch screen monitor of the G-W@PS, you must select “emergency loan” from the list of loans available on the loan menu and follow the simple instructions that will be displayed on the screen to complete the transaction.

You can also apply for the EmergencyLoan through over-the-counter application to be filed in GSIS offices covering the abovementioned calamity-declared areas. To apply for the emergency loan via OTC, eligible members have to accomplish an application form.

A tentative computation of their loan proceeds and monthly amortization will also be shown to member-applicants when they apply via G-W@PS kiosk or OTC.

The Emergency Loan is payable in three years or 36 equal monthly installments at an interest rate of six percent per annum.



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