Girlfriend secretly filmed her partner—only to see how truly kindhearted he was!

Number of homeless people grows by every minute. While parents lose their jobs, more and more children are abandoned and left on the streets to beg money for food. Many children try to work at an early age to earn something for them.

Around the world, particularly in the Philippines, many children are left homeless and without anyone to care for them but themselves. In the streets of Manila and other parts of the country, many children beg for money and food so that they can survive even just for a day. Each of us can see them roaming about, sleeping anywhere they could come nightfall. Most of them have no parents to teach and educate them that is why they are not able to study as well.

Well-to-do people tend to ignore these homeless people regardless of how pitiful they look. They do not know how it feels to be dirt poor when homeless people hit rock bottom. Thankfully, there are still some people who go against all odds and do something for the growing population of street children.

Take a look at Lalaine and her boyfriend Chris when they about to head out of their hotel, when some several street children caught their attention. The children, obviously are homeless, were dressed so poorly—and looked terribly hungry.

Lalaine was awfully bothered, seeing that passersby barely noticed them. Even if some people did notice the children, they choose to ignore them despite knowing they are in need of help. Lalaine expressed her dismay to which Chris shared the same sentiments.

Chris then told her that he will be going to the convenience store for a while – not telling her about his plan. When he came back, he has some groceries and food. He then told Lalaine that he intends to give them to the children. Upon hearing this, she felt so proud of her boyfriend—that she decided to film this simple act of kindness without the knowledge of Chris.

So what can you say about this simple act Chris do? Let the world knows how we should look at our surroundings knowing that we are not only the only one living for it. Take a few minute to share this.

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