Devastating images of live animals ‘sealed’ inside plastic containers and sold as keychains in China

Dead stuffed animals are popular. People preserve them to keep what’s left of them when they pass on, like if these were pets or a hunting prize, or for academic purposes. They serve as a hobby for someone who really loves animals. But, what if those animals are alive and sealed into a plastic container and sold as key chains?

Devastating images of live animals ‘sealed’ inside plastic containers and sold as keychains in China

Live Animals as Keychains

Despite recent controversies surrounding China, another issue that has been going on for decades shocks the world once again. A cruel trend in China that circulates the media online focus on something that has been racking up in money – this one is keeping a lot of live animals in plastic containers and sold as key chains for tourists.

Keychain Animals

Devastating Image

Animals such as turtles, fish and lizards are among those collected to be used as key chains. The said live animals are sealed inside along with a “nutrient rich” solution meant to keep the critters alive for an extended period of time. In reality, they die quickly due to lack of oxygen in the plastic. The dead animals then are eaten as snacks—by putting them inside a microwave. How cruel is that thing?

key chains accessories

These key chains accessories containing live animals are widely available and sold publicly in subway stations and on sidewalks. Since it has been going on each year, China’s government seems and obviously doesn’t care—and has been tolerating this inhumane act for years now.

Asked why do tourist buy those live animals and used them as a key chain? They answered that it serves as a good luck charm for them yet it still painful to see those live animals being threatened like that.

This activity may take up for a few years if the government of China won’t action on this one especially if there is no animal protection laws are set up. Another sad part of this is even if there are people who want to set them free, they will just be re-captured, trapped, and sold once again.

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