Chinese Fake Rice making headlines again. Be careful!

Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or Oryza glaberrima (African rice). As a cereal grain, it is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world’s human population, especially in Asia. Since a large portion of maize crops are grown for purposes other than human consumption, rice is the most important grain with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake, providing more than one fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by humans.

fake rice from china

Just a few months back, news about fake plastic rice from China made headlines warning the public of its dangers to the health of consumers. Factories and sellers have been closed down and caught, but the production of fake rice does not stop there. Today, another form of fake rice from China has been exposed online.

A woman named Cai from the Guangdong province, a coastal region of south-east China, claims that she was eating lunch with her family when she felt the rice she was eating was a little too hard to chew. To her shock, the rice was apparently made of ‘rolled-up paper’ disguised as rice in a bowl.

Chinese ‘Fake Rice’ making headlines again. Be careful!

According to her, the rice felt normal at first. It seemed as if nothing was wrong with it, and it was only until halfway when she bit into a harder piece. “The rice we ate felt no different than usual, until half way through the meal I chewed onto an unusually hard piece of rice,” Mrs. Cai told the Chinese reporters.

Apparently, she had bought the said ‘paper rice’ from a trusted male street vendor, who may not also be aware that what he’s selling was a fake version of a rice. According to the vendor, the rice was grown in another town, where they do not use pesticides.

So what can you say about this one? We can say that inspecting our food first before cooking them for our families is the best defense against this fake food that may be harmful to our health.

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