Be Amaze: Meet This Man Who Single-handedly Created a Village of 60 Millionaires

Have you heard the name of Popatrao Pawar? Perhaps not. He is a 55 year old man and the head of Hiware Bazaar village in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra, India and he has single-handedly transformed an ordinary drought-prone village into a model village with ample water, electricity and educational opportunities as well as rapidly improving healthcare.


It all started in 1972 where Popatrao returned from the city armed with a graduate degree, he was requested by the villagers to contest the village council elections, as he was the most educated man they knew. He won the elections and went about making a number of improvements that brought development to the drought-ridden village.


His first big steps were to upgrade the existing school from 4th standard to 10 standards. This ensured easy access to education for the kids. Next, he went about with his water conservation project, banning tube wells and asking the villagers to rely only on open wells to avoid exploitation of ground water. Further, over 40,000 trenches were built to act as groundwater reservoirs, and focus was shifted to ash crops that utilized less water and provided better monetary returns and deforestation was also banned. It is said that almost 10 lakh trees were planted to overcome deforestation in a little over a decade. Then in 1995, the village was chosen as one of the villages to be developed as a model village.

village awards

Hiware Bazar is probably amongst the most prosperous villages in the country. The reason for this is not a central scheme, but a Gram Sabha that is empowered to make all its local decisions. They call it a Gram Sansad – a village parliament that permanently takes responsibility of the village’s development.

village house

With all these changes, better education and financial returns, the village slowly transformed into a prosperous, developed model village. Family planning and HIV prevention has been given importance and it is one of the few villages in the country with a sex ratio in favors of women!

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All the good works also that are done over the past decades has resulted in the village having 60 millionaire residents! After decades of migration, the village has now started seeing reverse migration.

village primary schools

People who left the village are now returning to partake in the progress of their village, all thanks to the vision and efforts of Popatrao Pawar.

So what can you say about them? Do we have to go the same way the way they have?


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