Amazing: Ultraman robot making noodles in a small food cart. Take a look!

A robot thing is a mechanical or virtual artificial agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry. It is programmed to do something that will be its main task from the beginning. Nowadays, robots are built to do some tasks that a normal person can do such as the one stated below.

There is a machine called the Chef Cui, a resembles of one of our favorite robot hero – Ultraman that captures the internet attention for its capability to sliced noodles from a block of dough in a Chinese restaurants.

robotultramannoodles Amazing: Ultraman robot making noodles in a small food cart. Take a look!

Designed and manufactured by Cui Runquian, each Ultraman robot unit cost about $2,000 back in 2012, and many Chinese businessmen think that they’re the future of noodles restaurant. If their price produces sticker shock, compare that to the cost of a chef, which clocks in at about $4,700 a year! It will be a big boost for the owners. Not only are they saving restaurants in China money in wages, they can work rapidly and tirelessly for hours.

In the above video, we can see that the robot peels noodle strips from a firm piece of dough and tosses them directly into boiling water by its own. While the robot’s doing most of the work, the owner can attend to other things and take orders from customers. He can also check everything around the restaurant. Aside from being a true workaholic, the robot serves also as an attraction for the small food cart due to its look and the passion it has.

So what can you say about this robot? Is he can match up those a human can do? Is he worth for the prize offered by the maker or not? Let’s hear your comments below.

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