Barcode Galera was on his way to Baclaran Church when this old couple grabbed his attention. He felt happy and was touched by the love the two have for each other. He was impressed yet his heart breaks at the same time. Galera said that the old man is the one who was in-charge for “sales talk” while his other half, his wife is in-charge of “accounting”. They are indeed a perfect combination of success for their “puto business”. Being old is never an issue for them unlike those who are young and capable of finding job of their own but never tried. longlasting love VIRAL STORY: FOREVER STILL EXIST for this “PUTO” COUPLE VENDOR!   (Photo Credits: Barcode Galera) The cold couple is often found in LRT Baclaran. Here is what Galera says about them: “Habang papunta sa Baclaran Church… nakita ko sila, mixed emotions, natuwa, nadurog puso ko, humanga, Si lolo ang incharge sa Marketing/Sales Talk at si Lola naman ang incharge sa Accounting… Good Tandem diba? kahit nagdadalawang isip kunan sila ng picture naglakas loob ako kunan sila, nagpaalam din naman ako habang nabili ako sa kanila ng puto, masarap, malinamnam, di hangin ang loob, sakto ang tamis para sa mga diet conscious, kung mapapadaan kayo banda dulo LRT kanto Baclaran dun daw sila lagi naka pwesto, Paging Channel 2 #AbsCbn or #GMA7 Sana ma feature nyo sila, Gusto kulang ipost to to give inspiration to others and self realization nadin… #RealityCheck Di para sa lahat merong #Forever… Pero MERON TALAGANG #RoadToForever #SaHirapAtGinhawa #WalangIwanan #IDOL #GoodLife #GoodVibes #ShareTheLove #SpreadLove — feeling emotional. Rough translation: While I was on my way to Baclaran Church…I saw them, mixed emotions, felt happy, my heart breaks, impressed. The old man is in-charge of Marketing/Sales Talk and the old woman is incharge of Accounting…Good Tandem right? Even though I was hesitant to take their pictures, I took the courage to snap a photo of them. But, I also asked for their permission while I was buying steamed rice cake from them which is delicious, tasty, chunky with a right level of sweetness good for diet conscious. If ever you’ll pass by corner of LRT Baclaran, that’s where you can find them. Channel 2 #AbsCbn or #GMA7 I hope you can feature them. I just want to post to give inspiration to others and self realization too. #RealityCheck not all of us have #Forever…But there is really a #RoadToForever #SaHirapAtGinhawa (Through thick and thin) #WalangIwanan (they’ll never leave each other) #IDOL #GoodLife #GoodVibes #ShareTheLove #SpreadLove”