Man Found Unconscious in the Sidewalk Died of Food Poisoning

Myh Lapid, a teacher from Pasay, posted pictures of the sickly man who was spitting blood on the sidewalk last Wednesday. She called the attention of several people on Facebook including the head of the local office of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to extend assistance. In her post, she said that they brought the man to the Emergency Room of the Pasay City General Hospital. But on the following day, she posted a status indicating that the man had already passed away. “Eternal rest grant unto the soul of kuya O lord and let your perpertual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace with You Father. AMEN.” “Mahirap man po ang naging buhay niyo Kuya…hindi na namin naitanong ang identity nyo kahapon at wala nang malay, sana’y maging mayaman ka sa pagmamahal at kaibigan jan sa kabilang buhay.” Lapid then thanked the PCGH and DSWD for their help. Netizens believed that the man have suffered from food poisoning based on the spoiled food and different plastic bottles, cups and cans that was found beside him. Poverty. Many people have died out of it just like this man. It was a great thing that many individuals are still compassionate that they brought him to Pasay City General Hospital than left him on the state he was. unconscious man dies Man Found Unconscious in the Sidewalk Died of Food Poisoning