How to set up create your facebook timeline

Facebook’s new timeline feature will be a new way for people to showcase themselves like they do for Facebook profiles. Is the Facebook Timeline Application for you? 

about the new Facebook Timeline Profile and you are wondering what it’s all about.

I just created mine last nite and I am loving it so far! The Facebook Timeline is a new Facebook Application that shares “The Story Of YOU!” in a unique and individual way. If it is and you want your Facebook Profile to be activated, just follow these easy steps in the post below and be on your way! The Facebook Timeline App does not go LIVE until October 1st, 2011, so if you do activate it now, only those that also have the Facebook Timeline Application installed on their Profile Pages will be able to see it until that date. Click on the link below to gey more information on the Facebook Timeline Application. See Facebook timeline:  
Enable the New Facebook Timeline?

Enable the New Facebook Timeline?

The movies you quote. The songs you have on repeat. The activities you love. Now there’s a new class of social apps that let you express who you are through all the things you do.

Click sign me up in this page and you will be notified once it is launched.   Activate the New Facebook Timeline Today! Here are the steps once again to help you along…
  1. Goto and Click on Create App. If ths is your first time to the Application Page you may have to Click ALLOW first.  You may also be prompted for a credit card number or a current Mobile number to verify your account.
  2. Put in any name you want and give it whatever namespace you’d like, it doesn’t matter at this point. Click the checkbox “I agree to the platform privacy policy.” Then click Continue.  
3. Fill in the Captcha and pass the security step. 4.  When you arrive at this screen, you’ll need to click “Open Graph” on the left side. 5.   The next Screen is “Get Started with Open Graph”. You can fill in anything you want  in these fields under the heading (it doesn’t matter). Define one action, then one object for your Facebook Timeline APP.  Click Get Started. 6.  On the next 2 screens do nothing except scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes and Next.” On the 3rd screen click Finish. 7.  You’ll be taken to this screen. Wait a few minutes and then go to your Facebook homepage. That’s where you’ll be invited to enable the Facebook Timeline. You may have to wait a few minutes for it to become affected on your Profile page, so be patient. 8.  Goto your Facebook Profile homepage, you’ll see the picture below. Click “Get It Now” and VOILA! You have successfully created your Facebook Timeline!   Click Here to ACCESS the most effective Facebook Training you will ever need . . . and it’s FREE!!   Please note: During the developer release, only other developers will be able to see your new timeline. Everyone else will see your old profile. Let us know if you need any help in setting up your Facebook TimeLine Page. thanks to:

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