CONFIRMED: Oxalic Acid Found in Ergo Cha Milk Tea!

ergo1 CONFIRMED: Oxalic Acid Found in Ergo Cha Milk Tea! Ergo Cha milk tea incident ended the life of the business owner and a customer last April 9 in Sampaloc Manila. Another victim was brought to the nearest hospital in critical condition at that time. Reports from the authorities have confirmed that it was oxalic acid. It was neither the milk tea nor cyanide, but the poisonous acid. Two counts of murder and one count of frustrated murder was the charges that Lloyd Abrigo, the son of the milk tea house owner was filed against him. This was in relation to the last month’s poisoning incident that killed two people including his own father. The younger Abrigo was the shop assistant at that moment according to the report of Manila Police District. He was allegedly the one who brought a foul-smelling liquid into the store before the incident but it was denied by him. The case was sabotaged, the suspect and his mother believed.