VIRAL: Casket as an Election Campaign Material

This time of year is already midway to 2016. Even the 2016 Elections is almost at hand, one reason why politicians are campaigning in all ways possible. From ads, tarpaulins, posters, banners to shirts, fans, caps and so on. Almost everything you can think of! As a politician, putting your name on a shirt or bag is a normal thing. But this man is quite creative that had caught the eyes of most netizens. His campaign isn’t about putting his face or his name on a tarpaulin but on a casket! Way too unusual, isn’t it? Facebook user, Marlon L. uploaded a photo of a white casket with a mayor’s name printed on it. No wonder that the photo had gone viral on the internet. The name was noticeable. It was printed on the front of the casket in bold, red letters. Different comments from netizens, mostly are sarcastic ones had been posted. They said that the mayor has already crossed the line and it’s not appropriate. In your opinion, is it still acceptable or not? 11200633 10153355071531563 5500411440064555671 n VIRAL: Casket as an Election Campaign Material (Credits: Marlon L.)