Nerd Guy Was Challenged in a Dance Battle. His Moves Made the Crowd INSANE!

Every school classes were composed of different student classification. There are those brainy, jocks, varsity, classy chic, and of course… the nerds. Most of the time, the nerds are the ones that are being bullied basically because of the way they look. But little did we know that a lot of potential and talents are hiding beneath those eyeglasses and books. A great example is a dance off that happened at a high school whereas 3 dancers were performing and they grabbed a nerd looking boy from the crowd and brought it at the center of the dance floor. Everyone seemed to be having fun at the dance-off and the crowd was cheering for them. But when the nerd kid started doing his moves everyone was in complete shock. . The boy had excellent moves that amazed everyone even the guys that grabbed him in the center. No one expected it! He performed a lot of dance moves that no one thought he could do. As the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Sometimes, what people needs is just an opportunity to show what they are capable of. Talents should be nurtured and self-confidence must be present! (Credits: