SHORT FILM: A Cute Payback from a Homeless Dog! WATCH the video

Dogs are man’s best friend. And their company is one of the best! Most of us even enjoy the company of our pet dogs than that of a human. This video shows how dogs take care of their humans. Their loyalty is priceless. The message of this video immediately caught the attention of the netizens. The man was just buying food for himself when a girl in front of him caught his attention. It might be considered love at first sight. But then, he was distracted by a dog that was barking at him that seemed to be begging for his food. He left out a sigh and gave his food to the dog. What the dog did in exchange was quite amusing! The little things that we do for others have a great impact on their lives. And you might be surprised that these good things will come back to you… bigger than what you expected! Watch this video below: (Credits: