Couple Fell In Love with Each Other Through Mobile App, Clash of Clans!

A lot of people recently are drawn into playing the mobile game called “Clash of Clans”, especially to kids and teens. Mechanics are simple, build your own empire and attack other people’s base. While many find it amusing, there are still some people that are really irritated on how these people give their attention to the mobile game. Now, photos of this couple named Mitoy and Mika are now circulating the net. Post stated that this happy couple has been just individuals who happened to be in the same group of the so-called-clan in which they found the love of their life through COC. They realized that they started to develop feelings for each other since they were playing the game for two years of time. And that’s when they decided to take it into the next level. mitoy and mika clash of clans Couple Fell In Love with Each Other Through Mobile App, Clash of Clans! Critics make their move through the comments and opinions they thrown to the couple. However, Mitoy and Mika didn’t even bother to care for those critics, what’s important is that they are both in love with each other and their love is pure and genuine. But the truth behind their COC love story had been revealed and made clear by the identities involved. Althea Beruya Ronquillo is in a relationship with Pat Esconde Patricio, the same guy she was with in the photo that was circulating online. Althea said that she’s not playing COC as well as her boyfriend that’s why it’s quite impossible for them to meet using the mobile game. According to her, both of them were workmates in Makati. Their workmates often tease them that they might end up together. And as time flies, she can see the sincerity in Pat’s actions. Pat even drop off Althea in Taguig from Makati before going home in Alabang. Althea found it incredible their shift ends at 4 am and both of them were truly tired. Then Pat confessed to her and that he’s hoping her to be his girlfriend. Athea never had a second thought, she said YES to him! And that’s the real love story this couple had.