‘Swapping’ Girlfriend Ad on Facebook Buy-and-Sell Shop Goes Viral

Online stores are gaining popularity these days because of the convenience they offer among buyers. It’s like going to an actual store where you can find anything you need. Not only online shops but also these buy and sell groups on Facebook. Many social media users are joining these groups to buy pre-owned items or swap them for something of better quality. A member of a popular buy and sell group on Facebook named Baldo M. posted an ad to “swap” his girlfriend Trisha. Similar to other credible ads, it also has specifications like that of a gadget. He described his girlfriend as “slightly used minsan na-abused” and specified that she was not a virgin anymore. inset ‘Swapping’ Girlfriend Ad on Facebook Buy and Sell Shop Goes Viral (Photo: Facebook.com) Hachi’s Buy and Sell is one of the most popular buy and sell Facebook group in the country with over 18,000 likes. It is also a credible online selling group that verifies its member along with its strict rules in posting ads. Due to its policy, the post might be already deleted because it can no longer be found on the group.