Anne Curtis’ Let it Go Amazing Performance. Watch the Video!

Famed not only for her acting and dancing skills, Anne Curtis had been noted as one of the best entertainers in the Philippines for pushing herself into singing, despite the fact that she had not been blessed with a very good voice. With all the bashers and critiques that she has, she never limits herself and was confident enough to sing on stage. In this video taken from an event where she had been performing, Anne Curtis belter out the Disney Original Soundtrack “Let It Go” which was the theme song of the hit Disney Movie, “Frozen”. Many notable singers had made the song famous not just because of its rhythmic tune but also because of its wonderful message. Anne Curtis’ fans said that she already improved her voice from her previous performances and soon, she will leave everyone in astonishment because of her passion and willingness to explore and learn. She had released her first album back in 2011 entitled, “Annebisyosa” which became platinum and was later followed by “The Forbidden Album” in 2014.