Most Remarkable Security Guard Hired by Bank: A Cat!

Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) with a photo of a working cat as security guard has gone viral on social media. An employed cat in a bank, who would thought of that? Complete with picture and name identifying its position as a security officer, it was indeed like a real ID! Nicole Balaoing posted and uploaded the viral photo with a caption: Si Muning may trabaho, ikaw meron? :)) High five to the Development Bank of the Philippines main office who’s apparently hired a valuable asset in their company. Word goes around that “Muning” catches so many rats, mukhang sinali na siya sa payroll! Ang cute! smile emoticon. 11214101 10152717316616582 4566382929295422196 n Most Remarkable Security Guard Hired by Bank: A Cat! Note: Not my photo, just saw this being shared around animal groups Many people find the photo amusing, praising both DBP and the cat. Someone has gone a long way to create an ID for this cat but the photo appears to be authentic if this was a joke. And if this was not, then the bank might be acknowledging the feline’s effort in catching some rodents in the area. Some netizens believe that the cat should be rewarded well for keeping the bank free of rats. Others noticed that the cat appears to be thin and thought that it should be treated better. Yet, many netizens recognized DBP’s effort for the cat.