Encounter with a 13-year-old Pedicab Driver of a Netizen Goes Viral

Glenmarc ‘Flash’ Antonio was on his way home from Cash N Carry Mall in Makati when he boarded a pedicab without really paying much attention to the driver until he noticed that the latter was pedaling fast down the street. Antonio gently chided the driver and said, “Bro, dahan-dahan lang.” The driver eventually slowed down but this made Antonio a bit curious of his action. He was shocked to hear a child’s voice answer why he was in a hurry. The child stated that he was already on his way home as well and it was quite late. Antonio was touched when the child confessed that he had to work hard to earn money because his family needed food. The child also added that it was his birthday the previous day. The driver proudly told him that he had just turned thirteen, something that saddened Antonio considering he had kids of similar age as the pedicab driver. He then discovered that the child’s name was Reggie. The child narrated that he is the eldest of four kids in the family. When they arrived at his home, Antonio was again surprised when the child answered that his favorite superhero is God after he asked whether he liked comics and who his favorite character was. After some time, Reggie admitted to liking Spiderman. Antonio revealed on his post on Facebook that he gave the child driver a Spiderman comic book, a brand new 2015 Free Comic Book Day shirt, and an Avengers water bottle from the Disney loot bag he won during the Pop Quiz Night at the Phil Toycon as he was a notable cosplayer and a comic book collector himself. 10612844 10206913855712833 8682520318786371517 n Encounter with a 13 year old Pedicab Driver of a Netizen Goes Viral Antonio took some photos of Reggie and uploaded it on Facebook along with his story with a message that tells: Thank you Reggie, for making me realize that there are far more important things in this world than petty stuff. While I may not be able to help you out more with your current situation, I do hope that I have made your name day a bit happier. Belated happy 13th birthday, Reggie! Many netizens praised Antonio for his kind heart and offered prayers for 13-year-old pedicab driver.